Simplified Guide Creating Custom Rocking Chairs

You will definitely feel comfortable when sitting in a rocking chair near the fireplace, especially during the winter. Given this chair is quite expensive, you ever think to make your own? Surely it would be nice to make a rocking chair that you can specify the design and basic materials.

If you are able to create your own, you must also be able to fix that after a while the chair was damaged. You can save the purchase and maintenance costs if you can fix yourself. Here are basic steps that you can make reference to make a rocking chair.

The first thing you can do is planning. You can make a rocking chair from scratch or modify an ordinary chair to be a rocking chair. The second option of course is easier, but you cannot determine the style. This work will be completed faster, but for those who love a challenge, the first option will be selected.

If you choose to modify the regular seat, make sure that the wood on the chairs is still strong and not all the seats have the kind of good wood. To create a rocker, you can design in advance if you want a little style. Make sure the rocker that you create has a sufficient curvature to be comfortable during use.

Electoral good wood be the deciding factor in durability your rocking chair. You certainly do not want your comfort disturbed because the wood had rotted. There are many types of wood can be used, such as oak and pine. If you want an outdoor seat, select oak while for the indoor, select pine. For your tool, just use carpentry tools in general, like a saw, drill, screwdriver and sandpaper.

Here are some tips in making a custom rocking chair.
  • Make sure the bolts are properly installed, if necessary tighten.
  • Smear the timber with the anti-termite formula so that your chair more durable.
  • Add the metal plate if necessary. Use this plate on the timber connection part.

You certainly need to design the size and height according to the rocking chair you want. You do not need too long thinking about design; the most important thing is to do the job right. If you linger too long with the design, you can be dizzy and you certainly do not want this to happen. If readymade, seat pads with sandpaper and give the paint layer of wood that looked more beautiful.

Custom Rocking Chairs